Morning wardrobe panic syndrome?

Then this is the perfect styling cure package for you........

The Style Clinic's wardrobe edit will start in your home, looking at your wardrobe, discussing the shapes and styles that will work for you, your style needs, goals and of course budget.

Are you ready? No item will be left un-turned, and in a few hours there will be no dark corners with hidden unworn clothing anymore.

During the wardrobe edit everything will be sorted through. We will keep the items that will help towards your new wardrobe, advise on alterations, and what to do with the rest that's left behind.

Then the magic begins. A new life will be breathed into your wardrobe, styling what you have to make it current, flattering, and above all wearable. You may not think you have anything to wear, but you will be surprised at how many stylish outfits we can put together, utilising what you already own.

Helen will take pictures to make getting dressed easier, and even make a detailed wish list of what items you need, and where to locate them for your future shopping trips. Alternatively, why not come on an additional Personal Shopping session.

DURATION: Minimum 3 hours.